Therapeutic Massage & Sports Massage of Dixie
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What makes us different?

Whether your needs range from stress busting relaxation, therapeutic rehabilitation or the performance enhancing results of sports massage we have you covered.

We continue to be the leading example of what Sports Massage is for the Southern Utah area. 

Our team of dedicated volunteers and staff can be found at most of the major events in town and Sports Massage of Dixie is an official sponsor of the St George City Races.


Highlights include our teams support of and lead by
Paul Dunsdon LMT as the Massage Team Captain for: 
Ironman St George since its beginning in 2010
Ironman St George 70.3 US Pro championships since 2013
The St George Marathon since 2011
Not to mention the Huntsman World Senior Games- Basketball Tournaments
and many others... 


Did you know...?

According to the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) there are around 250 recognized modalities of massage and bodywork.

So lets break it up into 3 categories to make it a little easier to understand. We hope the following helps:


Traditional Massage…

The most common type of massage service that is often focused on self-indulgence & relaxation. It is the foundation of massage but has the reputation of being too gentile for those looking to resolve or manage pain and dysfunction in the body. Therefor it is mostly available at destination resorts, day spas and the in-home office. These services might include Swedish massage, Hot Rocks massage or Aromatherapy & Mud Wraps.


Holistic Health & Wellness…

It is the current trend in our industry and seeks to gain recognition from the medical community as a way to complement a person’s overall well-being through preventative measures and at times a non-scientific approach of treatment that is ineffective on some individuals. These services might include Reflexology, Acupressure or Reiki.


Therapeutic Massage… 

Based on the scientific method of evidence based treatment and employed worldwide by physical therapists, athletic trainers and sports teams from the collegiate to professional, Therapeutic and Sports Massage (both of which are the primary focus of our practice) as well as remedial and medical massage, are targeted to improving the performance of an individual. It is often anatomically specific work that targets and attempts to correct any unique physical dysfunction with a detailed & focused approach. These services might include Deep Tissue massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) and Myofascial Release among many others.