Therapeutic Massage & Sports Massage of Dixie
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Services & Pricing

Here is a list of our most popular services.

In most cases our services are charged by the amount of time rather than treatment: 

We offer session lengths of

30 | 60 | 90 | 120

Minutes at $1.00 per minute 

Remember, when you schedule an appointment online you'll receive a discount on all in-house services of one hour or more.


Custom Personalized Session

Our most popular service request… Let’s build a plan together that will be sure to meeting your specific needs and expectations.   

 Pre-Event Sports Massage

Taking into consideration the date of your event we will work to your comfort level so you are primed and ready for peak performance.

 Post-Event Sports Massage

Speed your recovery time and ease the aches and pains of an event with this valuable set of techniques.

 Sports Massage Maintenance

The ongoing stress and abuse your body takes can be better managed with the routine maintenance of sports massage. Keeping the muscles and joints working well together will help prevent injury and unnecessary wear and tear on the body.

 Therapeutic Massage

Specially designed therapy with a goal oriented approach to manage chronic pain, correct dysfunction and support the healing process from minor injuries.  

 Deep Tissue Massage

A favorite among massage enthusiast... the techniques used in deep tissue massage address the muscles and structures closest to the bones. We use a combination of broad firm strokes and Trigger Point Therapy work while the recipient experiences a bittersweet type of pressure and greater relief.   

 Massage for Relaxation

A classic Swedish massage in the traditional sense with less pressure than many other types of massage. Sure to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

 Out Call Massage Services

On occasion we’re able to bring many of our services to you. Our system is completely mobile so all you need to worry about is having enough space for us to set up in.